18 - Remus of Camelot

Remus explores Tintagel Castle ruins 

By Richard Proctor

From the legend of King Arthur
The court of Camelot
Some say Tintagel Castle
Could be the very spot.

The castle’s on an island
And Remus was surprised –
You have to cross a big high bridge
To reach the other side.

Remus said with confidence:
“I think I can declare,
That when Arthur built the castle,
It was probably not there.”

In a cave, the wizard Merlin lived
We’ve all heard tales about,
But you can’t go in to see it
Unless the tide is out.

Remus thought for Merlin
This would wear a little thin,
Having to move your furniture
Whenever the tide came in.

But Merlin was a wizard
And he wore a funny hat;
Remus thought, like Tommy Cooper
He could move it ‘just like that’!

The castle ruin Remus searched,
As much as he was able,
But in spite of looking everywhere
Could not find a round table.

A meal of tasty apple
And some cheese would be first class,
But Remus felt quite foolish
When he found it made of brass.

Remus thought that if he were
Back in King Arthur’s shoes
He’d make the castle famous –
It has amazing views.

He’d encourage lots of visitors
To such a lovely site,
And maybe he could let out rooms
And charge for every knight.

“The castle is quite stunning,
And I really feel inspired,”
Said Remus, “but I am off home now,
Because I’m very tired.”

© May 2023 RP.

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