04 - Of Mice and Mouse

Not all mice are tweedy ones...


TweedyMice gathered round... something

'It hasn't eaten enough cheese!' mused Paprika.
'It doesn't look like a mouse!' pondered Kirsty.
'It's certainly not a TweedyMouse!' added Suzie.
'It doesn't squeak!' squeaked Victoria.
'I've heard,' whispered Robbie, 'that people have these mice tied to confusers!'

Mouse revealed!

'Ah! Ragnar knows about comptooters,' added Cyril, knowledgably. 'The Guardians use something called Squeaker to send messages, which are called Squeaks!'
'Anyway,' announced Suzie, 'here's Ragnar now! He's going to tell us about compooters!'
'Comptooters!' corrected Cyril. 'Hello, Ragnar!    

Ragnar demonstrates

'So, this is called a mouse, because it is moved around and has a tail behind it!' explained Ragnar. 'Now this,' he went on, pointing at the screen, 'is a computer screen!'
'Computer?' whispered Suzie. 'Cyril, you said it was "comptooter"!'
'Well - er - they are very similar!' excused Cyril.
'And by clicking with the mouse, people can look at "websites",' continued Ragnar. 'And they are on the "world wide web"!'
 'Ooh! I don't like spiders!' squeaked Victoria.
'It's not spiders!' said Cyril. 'And it's only called a web!'
'A web without spiders?' puzzled Kirsty.
'Without spiders is good!' said a relieved Victoria.   
'I'll show you!' declared Ragnar, grandly. 'This is where you search for something!' he explained.

'And when you find what you want, the mouse clicks on it! Look, this is a website!'

'And click here - '

'And this comes on the screen!' announced Ragnar, dramatically.

Chapter One of 'Cyril Rises to the Occasion'

'I know them!' exclaimed several TweedyMice.
'They're the TweedyMice!'

ยฉ AW 2019.

This story is about a little girl mouse who goes to live in France


The mice learn to sing psalms


One of the "Guardians" investigates an infestation problem in the Deep South