🐕 Happy Customers

We love to please our customers…It’s stories (and pictures) like these that make this tweed crafts business so worthwhile.

A day out in York with Pamela

Spider gazing at York Minster
... and now for a pig out!

Jane's mouse family

Tweedy mice in Minnesota

Christmas 2022... oh no! they've discovered Patti's chocolate digestives!!
Lady Jane, Bracken and Hamish on a snowy October day


Dougal and Andrew enjoying a holiday with their new family - with Loch Linnhe in the background

Moses & Beulah

“We were looking for a playmat for Beulah, and thought to ask Pam if she could make a rug around 150x150cm for Beulah. She kindly accepted and made Beulah a beautiful, soft, fluffy custom made tweed rug! Moses loves it too!”


“Callie, in her new favourite bed which is made of the lovely tweed bits you have included with the mice as they have brought her a great deal of comfort.” [Sadly, Callie is no longer with us - gone but not forgotten.]


"I think Louis has claimed my rug!" [Jan made this rug from some weavers' waste I sent her, but it wasn't long before Louis claimed it!]


Fiona was pleased to receive her Andrew, Grace & Lucy mice commenting: “So excited to get these wee beauties in the post today 👍👏😊"

Norma's puppy

Chester the mini-schnauzer puppy with his new friend (Seoras's catnip mouse!!)

Seoras with HER catnip mouse

[Seoras is Gaelic for George, but I am assured Seoras is a girl cat!]

Tweedy mice to Edinburgh 

Patch leads the way to Cranachan & Crowdie, a shop on the Edinburgh Royal Mile specialising in Scottish gifts

A Multi-Coloured Rug in Stornoway

We were honoured to be invited to take a picture of Mrs C's custom made rug in its new home

Judith's Rug

"She still hasn't budged!!"


Kirrie "babysitting" for Iain's ever growing mouse collection. [As a reward for being such a long-suffering cat, I sent Kirrie a catnip mouse as a present - and she really appreciated it!]


Hamish & Sam at their new home with Jenny


“Knitting with these needles and seeing the rug develop so quickly has been such fun and so therapeutic whilst pregnant. The rug feels cosy and luxurious, it’s going to be perfect for the nursery during the winter months. I can’t wait to begin the next one now. Thanks Pam for inspiring me to begin crafting!”

A special mouse for Jo, the mountain climber

Everest mouse reaches the top in beautiful Luskentyre

Fiona & Chrissie

Fiona & Chrissie the Hebridean herring girls in their Luskentyre home

Fiona & Catriona

Fiona the herring girl & Catriona the peat girl in their new home in Harris.

Keeping warm in the garden 

A happy customer keeps her knees warm with her new rug. 

Red-haired Fiona

Fiona in the beautiful Bays in Harris

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