17 - Eric the Viking Mouse

A tweed mouse joins the Vikings for a very special occasion 

By Richard Proctor

A quiet mouse🐭was Eric, 
He kept himself all to himself,
But he loved to see the history books
Up there on the shelf.

And of all the characters
Back in history
The fearsome Eric Bloodaxe
Was the one he’d like to be.

Eric Bloodaxe holding Eric Mouse

I’ll pack my things and visit York -
A rumour’s going round
That a real Viking army
Will be marching through the town.

Viking army marching through York

They are camped up by the Minster
With all their goods and chattels
And will be meeting at the Eye of York
To re-create their battles.

I’d like to think their longships
That sailed across the seas
Also carried Viking mice
Hoping to find cheese🧀!

Eric on a Viking longship

To the Jorvik Viking centre
Eric had been sent
To see the reconstruction
Of a Viking settlement.

Eric having a peep at a Viking settlement (any cheese there?)

The great big Viking battle
Was what Eric liked the most;
But it was a little scary
So he didn’t get too close.

Watching the battle... from a safe distance!

I have enjoyed my visit
And the lifestyle has appealed;
I’d like to be a Viking…
Now where’s my sword and shield?

© April 2023 RP.

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