11 - Summit the Mouse and Friends

Summit the mountaineer takes Reggie rock climbing to help him gain confidence

By Richard and Pamela Proctor

This is the story of Summit the mouse, 🐭 
Who one day decided to leave his new house 
And take his friend Reggie who had the day free, 
To go up to Cromer for a day at the sea.

“If we take my new tent,”⛺️ 
Said Summit “You know, 
We can stay for the night, then we won’t have to go! 
We’ll take us some food.” 
Said Reggie “Yes please, 
Some bread and some milk and a nice piece of cheese.”🧀

Summit leads the way, with Reggie bringing up the rear

A coil of rope Took our intrepid mice 🐭
To climb up the cliff, if the weather was nice.
“When we get there we’ll do what all climbers do, 
Sit at the top and admire the view.”

They toiled all day in the warmth of the sun,
Climbing the cliff was really good fun.
At the top they had a message to say
Spider was coming up for the day.

Spider arrives at the tent...
... and prepares a tasty snack

Spider had thought when the message was sent,
If I hurry up quickly and get to their tent
I am sure they’ll be hungry as soon as they’re back...
So I’ll stop and make them a really nice snack.

The two hungry climbers are so happy to see their friend Spider
What a happy mealtime they had! 

“We’ve had a great time, together,” they said,
And full of their dinner, they went to their bed.
They lay in their tent and looked up at the moon, 🌙
and said we have got to do this again, soon.

© May 2021 RP&PP.

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