02 - Cyril Rises to the Occasion

Cyril meets some strange new friends


Chapter One

On a fine winter's morning the Fivepenny TweedyMice emerge from their TweedyHouses

'But you saw them!?' squeaked Victoria, nervously. 
'Yes!' replied Paprika, 'All lined up in Stèornytown! Tweedy bunnies and tweedy hairy gnomes!' 
'Well,' piped up Suzie, 'tweedy bunnies might be quite nice, but I don't know about tweedy hairy gnomes!' 
'No, I've heard gnomes carry things like shovels and axes!' Robbie said. 'And who knows what they might do with those!' 
'Oh dear! What are we going to do? said Kirsty. 
'I know!' came a small squeak.
'Cyril?' asked Suzie.

From his penthouse suite, little Cyril addresses the other TweedyMice

'Yes!' squeaked Cyril, excitedly, untangling himself from his long Dr Who scarf. 'We should get some of my friends to come over! I'm sure the gnomes would behave then!'
'We don't want to hurt anyone!' added Victoria.
'But we don't want them taking over either!' added Robbie.
'And bunnies might be nice!' reminded Suzie. 'But who are your friends?' 
'They're from the hills to the south,' replied Cyril. 'There's Ronald, Roland, Ranald, Ragnar, and Reginald, and lots more! All their names begin with 'R'; I think it's a tradition. They're about an inch taller than us mice - an inch and a half taller than me! And they're all black or shades of grey!'

'Oo-er!' said Victoria, nervously. 'They don't sound like us TweedyMice!'
'Er... Well... They don't use the --- word. They say humans don't like it,' added Cyril quickly, 'and they all have long whiskers and tails that are black or white! But some of them colour them so they have whiskers and tails that are bright pink, green or blue! They say it helps them to mix with people when they come to Stèornytown!'
'They sound scary!' said Kirsty.
'That's not all,' added Cyril. 'They all have yellow eyes! And some of them wear silver earrings!! One earring in one ear!'
'Oo-er!' said Victoria, 'isn't that dangerous?'
'No,' added Cyril, 'the rings are soldered so they can't pull open, and sewn in the seam of their ears!'
'Wow!' exclaimed five TweedyMice. 'Are we going to meet your friends?'

Cyril getting ready...

Knapsack across his shoulder, with plenty of cheese for the journey, Cyril sets out - 'All the best, Cyril! Bye Cyril!'

Cyril setting off

Chapter Two

'Ooh! Someone's coming!' squeaked Victoria, 'someone's coming!'
All the Fivepenny TweedyMice scampered out to look to the south. Along the road they could just see two figures, one tall and dark, and the other, small, with a long trailing... thing.
'That can only be Cyril with his scarf!' said Robbie.
'Or it's a long scarf with a Cyril on the end,' said Paprika.
'That's more like it!' squeaked Kirsty. 'Come and look, Suzie!

Cyril returning with...?

 'Cyril, you're back!' exclaimed Kirsty, as the other mice ran to welcome Cyril, who promptly tripped over his long Dr Who scarf.
'Yes! I didn't have to go all the way to the Southern Mountains! I met some of them this side of Stèornytown, they were on a day out!'
'And had they heard of the tweedy gnomes?' asked Robbie.
'Yes - but they said they'd hold a meeting when they got back. They've been having days out in small groups, but really they're investigating how far the gnomes have got around the island.'
'Has there been any trouble from them?' asked Suzie, 'we don't want to start trouble if they've been peaceful!'
'No,' said Paprika, coming to join the group around Cyril.
'I don't think so,' said Cyril, 'but my friends said they'd let us know!' 

Cyril introduces his strange new friend

'Hello, everyone!' squeaked Cyril excitedly.
'Hello, Cyril!' squeaked the TweedyMice.
'Who is that?' whispered Kirsty.
'He must be one of Cyril's friends!' whispered Paprika, 'I can see why the humans are scared of them!'

'Everyone!' squeaked Cyril, 'this is Ragnar, he's one of my friends from the Southern Mountains! I went to meet him this morning at the Ness border, so he didn't get lost!'
'We're happy to meet you!' said Suzie.
'Yes,' echoed the others. 'Fetch some cheese!'

Chapter Three

After a welcome snack of good cheese, Ragnar reassured the TweedyMice.

'We had a meeting, and, as I know Cyril, the others decided I should come up to Fivepenny to stay with you. Other Guardians - that's what we've decided to call ourselves - are going to stay with other groups. But the best news, which I haven't told Cyril yet, is that the others have met with the gnomes and they've said they only want to settle in their little groups and use their tools for tending their gardens! They are happy to be peaceful gnomes!'

'Hooray!' cheered the TweedyMice, 'Hooray!' And Cyril ran to fetch another piece of cheese!

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