13 - Another Mouse Holiday ๐Ÿญ

Ross and Demelza in Cornwall

By Richard and Pamela Proctor

We've been at home a long time now,
the mice were heard to say.
I think it's time we went off on
another holiday.

We'll go on down to Cornwall
where they used to mine the tin - 
that's the stuff they make the boxes with
that we keep our biscuits in.

The mice were there in no time
but felt a little sore
from being in their travel box
three hundred miles or more.

There's lots and lots of tin mines
all along the Cornish coast,
but Botallack was the one
they really wanted to see most.  

Botallack tin mine

Ross said to Demelza,
"If you come along with me,
I'll show you where the mines are
on the rocks down by the sea...

"If you're feeling brave, there is 
a cliff path I have found;
we can go down to the buildings
and have a look around."

"I think there's time for one more mine
before we go to bed,
called Wheal Coates," Demelza said,
"It's near St Agnes Head."

Wheal Coates tin mine

The mine was most impressive,
built on deeply sloping ground
and glowed warmly in the evening
as the sun was doing down.

Ross said, "We've had a lovely day,
exploring has been fun.
I really cannot wait to see
what the other mice have done..."

ยฉ May 2022 RP&PP.

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