Some Uses for Tweed Rugs

You’ve seen a Tweed rug you love, it's in stock and the colours are just perfect!

One problem… you can’t think of anywhere you could possibly put it?

You don’t need a rug for the floor… you just bought carpets. You’ve got a lovely rug for the landing upstairs (not to mention your husband bought it for you last year and you just couldn’t replace it).

Well, that’s why we’ve provided 6 other ways to use that rug you love which you just may not have thought of!

Hebridean sheep love to scratch their heads.

We’ve scratched our heads and come up with our 6 favourite ideas for using tweed rugs around the home… not just the static home either (you’ll understand the joke later).

After all, we are inspired by sheep…right?

Here we go….

1. A Comfortable Pet Bed

We love animals and that's why this use has made it to number one.

Happy customers have informed us first hand that their pets love a good snooze on our fluffy tweed rugs. Photographic evidence proves my point!

2. A Throw for Your Sofa

Draped over the back of a sofa, tweed rugs transform the look of your living room. Choose your colours carefully, take note of the measurements.

However, if you'd like something really unique... this one was made by special request.

3. A Campervan Area Rug

We all know rugs are made generally for a home… well that includes mobile homes! If you own a camper, spruce it up with a rug. They’re fluffy, colourful and come in all different shapes and sizes. What more could you want? 

4. A Headboard Drape

Cover your headboard with a colourful rug that makes you feel calm and relaxed. Did you know that blue has tremendous power to manage stress! It’s a very soothing colour that helps calm your mind, slow down your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and reduce anxiety. 

Choose your colour carefully, drape over your headboard, lean back and… relax!

5. A  Warm Blanket

Winter is approaching, the nights are drawing in, take inspiration from the sheep and wrap up warm! 

There’s nothing I love more than being wrapped up in a woollen rug sitting by the peat fire knitting, listening to the wind howling outside (it gets a wee bit breezy up here in Ness). 

Try it for yourself, get your woollen rug now for the winter…

6. A Superman Cape!

Admit it, we all loved dressing up as a superhero when we were young. Flying around the house with a duvet cover strapped to our backs and arm pointed to the sky!

Well relive your dreams, get that woollen rug on your back (they are a bit heavier than a duvet so we won’t go into health and safety on this one, especially when wet!) and have some fun. You never know… you may lose a few of those stresses and anxieties which life can try to put on you.

We just love this picture of one of our happy customers who gave us this great idea:

Thanks for reading!

We hope you’ve been inspired…

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