7 - Mouse 🐭 Tour of Scotland

Three tweed mice explore Scotland together

By Richard and Pamela Proctor

It was summer twenty twenty-one
the weather was set fair
for the mice to go on holiday 
and breathe some fresh sea air.

They travelled to Culloden
a really lengthy drive
to see where the English fought the Scots
in seventeen forty-five.

Richard found memorials 
to different clans and troops
β€œD'you think this one's the Campbells
 who make our favourite soups?”  

Richard mouse discovers a memorial to Clan Campbell

Let's go up to the highlands
Spider said "Oh yes,
I'd really like to see if there's 
a monster in Loch Ness!"

So a trip to Urquhart castle
seemed the best thing they could do
and they sat there on the ruins
looking out across the view.  

Pamela mouse on the ruins of Urquhart castle 

They saw nothing in the water
and decided not to dwell
because Spider thought that Nessie
was on holiday as well.  

Pamela mouse looking for Nessie

The next stop was to Dunnet Head
a long trip for a mouse
to look out to the Orkney Isles
from near the old lighthouse.

Richard and Pamela looking towards the Orkney Isles

"This is a lovely place to sit"
said Pamela; "I hear
there's a chance we could see whales πŸ‹
as the weather is so clear."

Said Richard mouse to Pamela
"Please don't make a fuss,
but there's no way you'll see Wales - 
it's miles away from us."

They made a little detour
that was not part of the plan
so Pam could see the cottage
that belonged to Mary Ann.

Mary Ann's cottage

They gathered up some souvenirs
and packed them in a parcel
and then they headed south
to go and see Dunrobin Castle.

Richard, Pamela and Spider gazing at Dunrobin Castle

When they arrived it was about
the middle of the day
and just in time for them to see
a falconry display.

Falconry display at Dunrobin Castle

They had to be quite careful
as they walked around the grounds
- it was not the safest place for mice
with eagles flying round.

Birds of prey... searching for mice perhaps?

The castle was spectacular - 
it looked as big as any mountain
as they sat and looked upon it 
from beside the garden fountain.

Spider mouse admiring the castle

Then the holiday was over
and seemed just like a dream
but at least they had the photographs
to show where they had been.

Β© September 2021 RP&PP.

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